For bookings and enquiries please complete the reservation form or contact:

Gavan on 0011 971 507343239 or Sally on 0011 971 504960073 or email millewa1@gmail.com

All prices are in Australian dollars. Tariff includes pool and spa heating.

  • $2700 2 nights (minimum stay)
  • $1350 additional nights
  • "Possum Cottage" $200/night

25% premium may apply during peak periods.


* Required


Conditions of Stay

Arrival and Departure

"Check in" is 14:30 and "Check out" is 10:00.

Payment Terms

  • The booking request will be held for a period of 2 business days to allow time for the deposit to be acknowledged into the bank account.
  • 50% deposit into nominated Bank account at time of booking.
  • Electronic receipt is issued once funds are received into the account.
  • Reminder is emailed 3 weeks prior to arrival when final payment is due along with the security deposit.

Security deposit

$500 minimum for 2 nights stay with variations up to $1500 depending on group size, purpose and duration of stay. This is held against any loss, damage or theft during your stay.This is refunded within 7 days following receipt of Manager’s written condition report but is typically transferred within 3 business days.

The security deposit will be retained in full should gatherings at the property exceed the number of booked guests to cover additional cleaning, garbage disposal and fees at the Council tip, increased "wear and tear" and utility consumption.

Cancellation Policy

  • Every effort will be made to ensure the property is available as booked. All rights are reserved in relation to altering or cancelling the reservation due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances, in which case a full refund of the deposit will apply.
  • For cancellations more than 60 days prior to arrival, a full refund applies minus a $50.00 administration charge.
  • For cancellations within 60 days of arrival, a 50% charge applies.
  • For bookings cancelled 30 days or less the full tariff will be incurred.

Terms and Conditions

  • The guest agrees to take good care of the property, not to act in a way that would cause disturbance to neighbours and leave it in a clean and tidy condition. Should the property be left in a condition that is deemed to be unreasonable and requires additional cleaning, this cost will be deducted from the security deposit. We use external and fully insured professional staff with current 5 star hotel experience. The guest agrees to report either to the Manager or email spring.gavan@gmail.com any damage, repair or maintenance required to any appliance, furniture or fitting.
  • The cost of repairs to the property and its contents or surrounds arising out of negligence or misuse will be deducted from the security deposit. A minimum of $150 will be retained for each Maintenance and or Management staff "call out" in relation to any issue that is judged to be caused by the tenant.
  • Excess rubbish will be removed at cost to the guest.
  • No responsibility or liability is held for loss or damage to guest property or personal injury during tenure.
  • We operate a "no smoking" policy for the comfort and health of guests. If is deemed by our Manager that guests have smoked inside the residence, cottage or pool house an additional cleaning charge of $500 will be made.
  • The total number of occupants must not exceed that agreed on the booking confirmation form.
  • The tariff is for domestic use only as it does not take into account additional wear and tear, garbage disposal, steam cleaning when gatherings exceed the number of booked guests. Millewa is not a function centre.
  • No pets are allowed on the property without prior agreement. An increased security deposit applies.
  • The receipt of the deposit is regarded as acceptance of the "terms and conditions" should for some reason the "booking confirmation form" is not received. A second request will always be made as a matter of courtesy.
  • Variations to these conditions may only be made by prior arrangement with the owner or his agent in writing.

Please note that the information and prices shown on the website may have changed at the time of booking. Whilst every effort is made to ensure accuracy, regrettably alterations do occasionally occur. Photographic images used are intended to give an overall impression rather than detail. Furniture Items may have been moved and decor altered.

In the unlikely event of a dispute, please communicate in writing within 14 days to spring.gavan@gmail.com. A log will be made of related communication and actions taken to ensure legislative compliance. Any proceedings arising will be governed by Australian law.

Should the booking confirmation form (bcf) not be returned for whatever reason, the issue of the deposit receipt will be regarded as acceptance of the “terms and conditions”, “departure instructions” and compliance with “House rules”.

“The Southern Highlands has experienced gas and electrical interruptions in the past. Should guests be in residence during such unforeseen events there is no recourse for compensation from millewasouthernhighlands or its agents. Guests should consider their own insurance coverage. Similarly Internet access can be intermittent and is not guaranteed. “

Property Management

We will act with integrity, professionalism, courtesy and consideration when dealing with guests, neighbours, representatives, council and other government bodies.

The property will be offered in a clean, safe and habitable state of repair.

Maximum number of vehicles allowed on the property is 6.

House rules are kept on site for reference and detail all aspects to ensure safe enjoyment of the property and its facilities

We recommend international and interstate guests purchase travel insurance since the owner or Management are not responsible for any injuries, illness or accidents that may occur whilst staying at the property.

Guest Behaviour

Guests must maintain noise to a reasonable level, in particular between 9pm and 8am, dispose of garbage and recycling in accordance with usual practice and not leave excess rubbish. Additional charges will be levied should removal to the Council tip/recycling centre be required.

Should compliance with “House Rules” be breached, all rights are reserved to levy reasonable deductions from the security deposit. For example: Should tennis court lights remain on past 9pm an additional charge of $100 for utility consumption will be levied.

Guests must not move any furniture internally or externally. Management and Maintenance time (min$100) will be charged to put items back in place and repair. Damage has occurred in the past to furniture items, walls and architraves.

Guests must refrain from engaging in any drunken, obscene or antisocial behaviour. Should the Manager be called out following receipt of a complaint, a $250 deduction will be levied against security deposit.

Before departure, all food must be removed from fridges, all rubbish compacted where necessary and put in appropriate bins, crockery and cutlery washed and put away and the property left in a clean and tidy condition. All lights, heating and spa switches must be turned off.